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The Ultimate Guide for Making Doll Shoes

Many people get intimidated by sewing when it comes to making doll shoes. It is high time you started following your desires without the fear of hurting yourself in the process of sewing or stitching because we have tips that do not touch on that aspect. In this article, we elaborate the right steps that you can use so that you can end up with a perfect doll shoe using the do it yourself(DIY) method. More importantly, we will apply manageable techniques that any person with interest in that area can explore. The first step is to use resources such as leather or vinyl depending on the one that you can easily access. The sturdiness of the product is what matters the most which mean you can as well use leather scraps. Visit the craft stores which are close to you and get some foam.

It is vital to choose the glue or glue sticks that you will use wisely and sparingly in an open space with free air circulation. Considering that every person like different types of shoelaces, find one that you can use according to your essentialities and tastes and preferences. Choose a reliable method of organization that you can use and cut out the design pieces according to how you want it to be; cutting the soles in this step is vital. For the sole of the footwear that you are creating, the form, cardboard or the pieces of vinyl that you have will help. Punching shoelace holes in the upper pieces that you cut out is essential, and you need a puncher for this role. Find tools such as a hobby knife that you can use to remove the cut-outs.

When sticking the cardboards to the vinyl sole, make sure that you rare sparingly utilizing the glue sticks and avoid leaving massive traces of it in the shoe. After gluing the front upper to that of the cardboard get it wrapped around the edgy areas where you use sizeable particles in the process of flattening the surface of the material. Before putting the glue away after the above procedure, use it to stick the upper part of the show to the lower side in proportion. Do a similar attachment for the sole and cardboard by sticking them together.

After that, heat some glue and use it on a matching foam sole and the upper part. It is vital to remember that pressing it hard after the application helps to minimize the bubblies in the attachment. This is a crucial tip that one should keep in mind while making shoes. The last part involves gluing the trim around the foam of the shoe followed by a cut that fits with the size of the shoe so that its ends can close perfectly.

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